WP4 Observational Studies

WP objectives:

  • To develop the full common protocol for drug utilization and comparative studies on cardio/cerebrovascular and pancreatic events with T2DM drugs.
  • Top map and benchmark all outcome and risk factors across the various coding dictionaries (ICD-9, ICD-10, ICPC, READ, and MedDRA).
  • To develop the software and data warehouse for standardized data elaboration and analysis.
  • To describe utilization patterns of T2DM drugs.
  • To assess the background rate of safety outcomes of interest in the T2DM and general population.
  • To assess the risk factors and absolute and relative risk of cardiovascular, cerebrovascular and pancreatic events associated with T2DM drugs and to investigate dose and duration effects.
  • To test the platform for its ability to quantify newly occurring safety issues.