VUA (VU University Medical Center)

The Diabetes Centre (DC) VUMC linked to VUA is tertiary referral centre for patients with diabetes. In addition to care, the DC VUMC is devoted to clinical, clinical-mechanistic and translational diabetes-related research with an international reputation, located within a university hospital.

The DC VUMC has ample experience in performing small-intermediate sized (n=40-100) mechanistic (drug)intervention studies, using smart-phenotyping methods, including a.o. clamps, sampling fat and muscle tissue biopsies, vascular function measurements, PET (a cyclotron is operational at the VU/VUMC), MR-imaging AND MR-spectroscopy scanning (see publication list), either as a single or multiple centre collaborative effort.

In SAFEGUARD VUA will be Work Package Leader of WP6, and also contribute to WP7.


Team members:

  • Michaela Diamant
  • Erik Serné
  • Richard G IJzerman 

Contact email: