UNIMIB (University of Milano-Bicocca)

Department of Statistics is active since January 1999 at University of Milan-Bicocca, Milan, Italy. In 2010, the Department concurs in the didactic activity of two undergraduate degree courses and two graduate degree courses. The Department offers also two doctoral programs in Statistics and in Epidemiology and Biostatistics (both in collaboration with others Universities). One research Unit of the Department is the Unit of Biostatistics and Epidemiology, which is involved in collaborative epidemiological and statistical research projects within and external to the department. It also provides statistical support to the department's staff and students, and its components are present in almost all Faculty's teaching programs. The principal interests of this Unit are in designing studies and analyzing data using statistical methods that are suitable for the biomedical and epidemiological needs of specific projects; to develop new methods where needed by consulting with researchers of the other units; and to provide lectures and seminars on statistical medical issues for researchers and statisticians of the Department or for external researchers.

In SAFEGUARD UNIMIB will be responsible for leading WP7, and will also contribute to WP4 by providing access to the Lombardy regional administrative database.

Website: www.unimib.it

Team members:

  • Giovanni Corrao
  • Antonella Zambon
  • Federica Nicotra
  • Lorenza Scotti

Contact email: federica.nic@libero.it