UNI-HB (Universitaet Bremen) - until 01/01/2012

Founded in 1981, the Bremen Institute of Prevention Research and Social Medicine (BIPS) is one of the oldest epidemiological research institutes in Germany and a central scientific institution of the University of Bremen. Approximately 130 researchers and research assistants are involved in the institute's work. Pharmacoepidemiology is a main field of research in the department of Clinical Epidemiology at BIPS. Research in this field is mostly based on the GePaRD, the first large population-based pharmacoepidemiological research database including 14 million insured which was built by BIPS. BIPS is a competence centre for data management, statistics, and quality control and has longstanding expertise in planning, coordinating and conducting multi-centre, large-scale epidemiological studies at the European level.

In SAFEGUARD UNI-HB will contribute to WP3, WP4 and WP7.

Website: www.bips.uni-bremen.de

Team members:

  • Edeltraut Garbe
  • Tania Schink
  • Niklas Schmedt