UBATH (University of Bath)

Pharmacoepidemiology at Bath is situated in the Department of Pharmacy & Pharmacology. A close collaboration exists with Prof. D. Russell-Jones and Prof. M. Umpleby of the University of Surrey, with whom a number of diabetes studies are being conducted. The unit has published widely and was local host for the annual ISPE conference of 2010.

In SAFEGUARD UBATH has responsibility for WP8. The unit’s full access to and extensive experience in working with the General Practice Research Database (GPRD) will enable its significant contribution to WP4 and 8.

Website: www.bath.ac.uk

Team members:

  • Corinne de Vries
  • Annie Hutchison
  • Alison Nightingale
  • Julia Snowball

Contact email: c.de-vries@bath.ac.uk