Project Structure

The work plan structure in SAFEGUARD has been carefully designed to cover all aspects requiring specific effort towards a successful completion, and divides activities into eight work packages:

  • WP1 and WP2 provide the scientific leadership and the operational management to the research in the project
  • WP3 to WP7 are the main knowledge generating and scientific work packages and each one is dealing with different data substrates:
    • WP3 includes the analysis of spontaneous reports
    • WP4 conducts the new epidemiological studies with heath care databases
    • WP5 deals with the literature review
    • WP6 includes the mechanistic studies
    • WP7 provides statistical support to WP3-7 and receives their results for integration into various decision models
  • WP8 deals with the dissemination of the project and the future exploitation of results