The PHARMO Institute is an expert centre for drug evaluation dedicated to perform and facilitate outcomes research, and in particular to contribute to a better understanding of drug use, the effectiveness of drugs as well as the safety of drugs as used in daily practice. The centre of the Institute is a large multi-event observational database, including day-by-day patient centric organized data on in- and outpatient drug exposure, hospitalizations, accidents, clinical laboratory findings, function test, cancer registries and more. Currently the data from GP’s are merged with the IPCI GP databases and linked to the PHARMO data base, which will further contribute to the details necessary to understand the determinants and outcomes of drugs use. The PHARMO institute has a professional staff of ten to fifteen epidemiologists (PhD in epidemiology), two biostatisticians, and two SAS certified data analysts specialized in working with large databases and statistical analyses. All work is done conform predefined quality criteria using professional analysis and management tools.
The major objective of the PHARMO Institute is to report research in international medical journals. More than 25 PhD students have used the PHARMO data for their doctorate theses, reports contribute the important national decisions and these research and data from the PHARMO Institute have been used by more than 200 international medical publications.
In SAFEGUARD PHARMO will collaborate mainly in WP4.


Team members:

  • Ron M.C. Herings
  • Fernie J.A. Penning-van Beest
  • Huub M.P.M. Straatman
  • Myrthe P.P. van Herk-Sukel
  • Irene D. Bezemer

Contact email: