FSIMG (Fondazione Scientifica SIMG-ONLUS)

The scientific Foundation SIMG-ONLUS (FONDAZIONE-SIMG), was created under the initiative of the Italian College of General Practitioners (SIMG), with the main aim to promote the development of knowledge in the field of medical education and medical research, particularly for the following issues: (1) the diagnosis, prevention and care of communicable and non-communicable diseases; (2) health service research and organization; (3) appropriateness of drug use and drug safety. Research is mainly developed throughout the Health Search Network (HSN), coordinated by F-SIMG.

The HSN is a research group of over 900 GPs representative of each Italian geographic area in terms of patient population, which have expressed the willingness to be involved in epidemiological research. The HSN is based on: (1) a school in which doctors receive training and share the same methodology in order to record patients’ clinical information; (2) the availability of electronic medical records (EMR) derived from the daily clinical practice and collected into the Health Search/Thales database (HSD). Information from the HSD has been already used for conducting several pharmaco-epidemiological studies.

F-SIMG, directly or through the scientific society (SIMG), currently collaborates with several academic institutions, as well as with the National Institute of Health, by conducting several projects aimed to reduce the impact of ADR associated with clinically relevant drug-drug interaction. Information from the HSD is also currently used as routine information included into the National Drug Monitoring Center (OsMed) to constantly monitor the drug use in Italy.
In SAFEGUARD, F-SIMG will collaborate mostly in WP4 by using the HSD for additional observational studies and contribute to WP3. 

Website: www.simg.it

Team members:

  • Ovidio Brignoli
  • Giampiero Mazzaglia
  • Iacopo Cricelli

Contact email: mazzaglia.giampiero@simg.it