EMC (Erasmus Universitair Medisch Centrum Rotterdam)

Erasmus University Medical Center is one of the leading health science faculties worldwide and ranks number one in the Netherlands. The faculty of Health Sciences Medical Informatics is an interdisciplinary research group, studying new methods for acquiring, representing, processing, and managing knowledge and data within healthcare and the biomedical sciences. Its research clusters around two main themes: structuring of medical data, with the electronic patient record as an important application area, and structuring of medical knowledge. Important focus is to link data from various sources for observational studies regarding drug safety. EMC is coordinator of the EU-ADR (FP-7-ICT) project,  the SOS and ARITMO (FP-7-Health) projects and is Work Package Leader in VAESCO (vaccine safety), GRIP (Pediatric network, FP-7-Health), ARPEC (DG-SANCO) and Eu2P (IMI) projects, all dealing with data linkage and building of platforms for sharing of data across countries.

In SAFEGUARD EMC will coordinate and be Work Package Leader for WP4. EMC will use data from electronic medical records for assessing drug risks (IPCI database) and the Rotterdam cohort study. Both sources are recognized datasets in pharmacoepidemiology and will be used in SAFEGUARD as well as the expertise in terminology mapping, protocol development and data linkage across countries. The group will capitalize on the experiences of previous drug safety projects funded through the first and second FP-7 calls for the coordination of SAFEGUARD.

Website: www.erasmusmc.nl

Team members

  • Miriam Sturkenboom
  • Bruno Stricker
  • Martijn Schuemie
  • Gianluca Trifirò
  • Sabine Straus
  • Silvana Romio
  • Peter Rijnbeek
  • Gwen Masclee
  • Ingrid Leal

Contact email: m.sturkenboom@erasmusmc.nl