CUNI (Univerzita Karlova v Praze)

Charles University in Prague was founded in 1348, is one of the oldest universities in the world, and belongs to the most eminent educational and scientific establishments in the Czech Republic which are recognized in both the European and global context. It is an outstanding cultural institution due to its scientific and pedagogical results and its unique historical tradition. CUNI now contains 17 faculties, 3 collegiate institutes, 6 additional establishments for educational, scientific, research and developmental activities and other creative activities and for information service.

The Faculty of Medicine has been a part of Charles University in Prague since 1348 and is the oldest faculty of Medicine in Central Europe. The Faculty educates future doctors of Medicine and Stomatology (Dentistry). Study is permitted only on a full-time basis. This Faculty provides also university-level training in Nursing (Bachelor level), Occupational Therapy, Health Care Technology and Health Care Education. The research work at this Faculty and at the respective teaching hospitals is concentrated at institutes, clinical departments, laboratories and interdisciplinary centres, where postgraduate research-based education is in progress. Research covers a broad area of theoretical and pre-clinical biomedical disciplines as well as the problems of diagnosis, therapeutic and prophylactic methods and processes of clinical medicine and dentistry. Specialization of the 3rd Medical Department includes diabetes mellitus, obesity, endocrinology, malnutrition, disorders of lipid metabolism and cardiovascular diseases. Research covers wide range of topics related to the metabolic, hormonal and immunological changes leading to the development of atherosclerosis, its pathophysiology, therapy and prevention. Experimental research in the department further explores molecular basis of atherosclerosis and insulin resistance using sophisticated methods of molecular biology and physiology, including real-time PCR and glucose clamps on mice.

In SAFEGUARD CUNI will collaborate in WP6.


Team members:

  • Martin Haluzík
  • Miloš Mráz
  • Štěpán Svačina

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