CMNS (Consorzio Mario Negri Sud)

The Consorzio Mario Negri Sud (CMNS) is a non-profit biomedical research organization. The Institute’s main interests range from basic research to pharmacology, controlled clinical trial, clinical epidemiology, and health service research.

In particular, the Laboratory of Clinical Epidemiology of Diabetes and Chronic Diseases, Department of Clinical Pharmacology and Epidemiology, is involved in research programs encompassing several areas of medicine, with particular attention to chronic diseases such as diabetes. These research activities are conducted with the following aims:

• To promote evidence based medicine, through the conduct of systematic reviews. To this respect, the lab is actively involved in the initiatives of the Cochrane Collaboration;
• To evaluate the transferability/adoption in clinical practice of the best evidence available and quantify the impact of different practice styles on clinical and quality of life-related outcomes.
• To promote epidemiological research as an integral component of clinical practice;
• To analyze and monitor morbidity and resource consumption utilizing administrative data from various sources.

In SAFEGUARD, CMNS will have major responsibilities in WP5 for meta-analysis of clinical trials and it will use the regional database of Puglia in WP4.


Team members:

  • Antonio Nicolucci
  • Giorgia De Berardis
  • Fabio Pellegrini

Contact email: